“Resta di stucco” in Italian means “Left in amazement”. This project aims to introduce the greater public to the works created in their homeland by stucco masters from Italian Switzerland who enjoyed great success throughout Europe.

The “Resta di stucco” interactive website, the sites of exemplary stucco decorations that make up the distributed “museum” and the events proposed here provide access to a valuable wealth of knowledge developed by researchers from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), who have investigated the historical, artistic and religious value of these works, studied the artists who created them, their itinerant lives and the organisation of their work, and analysed the materials used and the skills required to transform just a few simple and basic ingredients into precious decorations that look as though they were made of marble.
Through the descriptions of the stucco decorations, available in the audio guide and on the interactive website, you can learn about how these works were realised, observing them through the eyes of experts who are used to “reading” materials and recognising the modus operandi of different artists.

The interactive website offers an overview of the different topics and the possibility of in-depth analysis. The Map provides access to the Catalogue of stucco sites. The Stucco section is dedicated to materials, tools and techniques. The Artists section presents some of the most important families of artists and the organization of their workshops. The Glossary of terms allows the visitor to learn a variety of technical words.

The distributed museum is a route that connects places, works and artists, guiding the visitor in the discovery of stucco decorations in Ticino. A map, on paper and digital, helps in connecting the different sites and allows visitors to organise tailor-made tours. Each place is identified by a Totem, placed inside the building, with a QR code to access a free guide with audio, texts and images.

Download the paper map
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The events, carried out in collaboration with museums and cultural associations, bring the public closer to the art of stucco by offering presentations that combine history and science, guided tours by researchers to discover the great masters, and hands-on workshops to experience how stucco decoration is made.

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Project Team

SUPSI, Institute of materials and constructions

Project Manager
Giacinta Jean

Marta Caroselli
Alberto Felici
Anastasia Gilardi
Giovani Nicoli
Massimo Romeri

Research assistant
Elisa Malnati

SUPSI, Design Institute

Project Manager
Luca Morici

Giancarlo Gianocca
Arianna Siciliano
Desirée Veschetti

Audio readings
Elisabetta Lazzaroni

Research assistant
Sophie Sprugasci

Toast Communication Lab

Roman Steiner


Dipartimento dell’educazione,
della cultura e dello sport
Divisione della cultura e degli studi universitari
Ufficio dell’analisi e del patrimonio culturale digitale

Divisione Cultura della Città di Lugano

Museo etnografico della Valle di Muggio

Museo del Malcantone

Museo Moesano

Organizzazione Turistica Regionale Mendrisiotto e Basso Ceresio

Ticino Turismo

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